Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is applicable to all official Pukekohe Indian Sports Club (“PISC”) fixtures and to all codes of sports. Players and Officials (i.e. Coaches and Managers) shall be bound by the Code of Conduct as follows:

  1. Players or Officials must not indulge in unacceptable behaviour during any occasion.Note: Without limiting the meaning of the term “unacceptable behaviour”, examples are:
    • Assaulting or attempting to assault an umpire / referee, another player or any other Official.
    • Use of abusive, crude or offensive language.
    • Engaging in conduct detrimental to the standards upheld by the PISC and its members.
    • Assaulting, attempt to assault or abuse a spectator.
  2. Players and Officials must not infringe PISC rules, written or verbal, relating to sponsorship or advertising on any clothing or equipment.
  3. Players and Officials shall not make any announcement or media comment without prior consent of the PISC Executive Committee.
  4. Players and Officials shall not engage in any act, omission or conduct prejudicial to the interests of the PISC or bring any member into disrepute.
  5. Players must observe the rules or instructions of the team management (i.e. Coach or Manager), at any social function or event relating to the consumption of food, and alcohol and departure from the event.
  6. Players and Officials shall abide by the dress code set down by the team management, for the particular occasion e.g. Sport played, Official or social event.
  7. PISC player uniforms and official codes attire shall be respected and worn with pride. Damage to or disregard of the uniform will not be tolerated.

Breach of this Code of Conduct may result in immediate suspension and other disciplinary actions as ruled by the PISC Executive Committee. Players and Officials may also be required to attend a Judicial Hearing.

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