Mens Hockey (The First Revival)

As the Indian population grew in Pukekohe, the Club was revived in 1954 with Parbhu Khusal as President and Amrat Motiram as Secretary. Once again, many of the younger players of the original 1945 team came forward and the balance was made up of young players, mainly offspring of the original team. The team wore the original jersey used by the 1945 team and to the surprise of many, these had been kept in an excellent condition. Thanks must be given to Parag Kanji for taking care of the gear.

This team had little luck in the local Franklin competition, but on the bright side hosted the 1955 Indian Wanderers teams to a dinner function in the Nehru Hall on the comer of Puni Road and Ward Street, Pukekohe.

Also to the Club’s credit, Sarge Singh was selected to play against the touring Indian Wanderers team at Bledisloe Park, Pukekohe.

As a result of decreased membership, the Club was once again put into recess in 1955. Some of the players joined other Clubs in the Franklin area and many of the young people played in the High School teams. A number of these young players were extremely talented and represented Pukekohe High School at many secondary school tournaments.

In 1960 many of the young people left school and joined family businesses. Most were looking for some recreational activities outside of work, so a friendly game was organised by Chhagan Parsot and Uka Chhiba with the Waikato Indian Sports Club.

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