Hockey in the 70’s

The mid 70’s saw the first Pukekohe Indian ladies’ hockey team playing in the New Zealand Indian Sports Association tournament. This team won the first year it entered the tournament and was to carry this trend on for many years. The mid-70’s were also highlighted with the Pukekohe High School team having 10 Indian players in the A team and 6-8 in the B team.

Since the first NZISA tournament we have hosted a number of others and extended the number of sporting codes to ladies’ hockey, netball as well as soccer.

The after match functions at these tournaments also catered for large numbers of participants and supporters. These popular functions have become an integral part of after-match activities and give people the opportunity to meet and socialize with Indians of common interests.

The Club has also hosted visiting cricket and hockey teams from India, whenever the opportunity has arisen.

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