Hockey in the 60’s

From this promising start, the Club decided to play in the Franklin Hockey Association competition. During the first two years the Club struggled to record any wins. However, some of the young players were selected to represent Franklin at the various tournaments.

1961 saw the touring Indian hockey team visit Pukekohe to play the Franklin Hockey representative team at the A & P Showgrounds. The Pukekohe Indian Sports Club was once again asked to host the Indian team to a dinner. This was attended by the Mayor of Pukekohe, Stan Childs, local dignitaries and representatives from the Franklin Hockey Association.

For the second time the Indian Sports Club had two of their members in the Franklin Hockey Association’s A team to play the Indian Wanderers. They were Daya Patel and David Singh, David being the youngest player to represent Franklin. Both players had a most enjoyable game playing alongside the best players hockey could provide and were a credit to the local Indians.

In 1967, the Club committee started to administer their activities through sub-committees, each with their own chairperson. This encouraged all members to take a more active part in the administration of the day-to-day activities of the Club. The Social sub-committee was instrumental in bringing women closer to the Club by having barbecues and cooking competitions with prizes awarded for the best dishes.

In 1969, the Pukekohe Indian Sports Club hosted the New Zealand Indian Sports Association hockey tournament for the first time. This was an enormous task for the local Indian community as well as the Franklin Hockey Association as all facilities were extended to the limit, with extra fields being specially marked for the two days. Despite the difficulties, a successful tournament was held. Another highlight of 1969 was the awarding of a life membership to Parbhu Bhikha.

1969 also saw the introduction of the Club logo. This logo represented the famous Pukekohe Hill with its fertile fields, which are such a predominant part of the members’ lives. It appeared on the Club badges for the 1969 NZISA hockey tournament and was attached to the playing shirts by four domes. When the next set of new playing shirts was ordered, the logo was embroidered on to the shirt. This logo remains on all playing shirts to this day. The artwork for the logo was designed by Magan Ranchhod under the direction of the executive committee at the time.

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