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The Pukekohe Indian Sports Club (PISC) aims to be the premier sporting club in Counties Manukau. Our objectives are to promote sporting participation and excellence while nurturing our culture to ensure our heritage is passed on to future generations. As family is a huge part of Indian life, the Club endeavors to cater for all family members in the various events and functions organised. Although the Club was founded by the early Indian pioneers to the region over 70 years ago, we now have an increasing number of non Indian members.

Currently we have over 350 members, most of whom reside  in the Pukekohe and South Auckland region. 120 of our membership play hockey  (our major sport). In 2017 we have 5 Mens teams, 1 Ladies team and 5 Junior teams participating in the Counties Manukau Hockey Association competition, the  Midlands Intercity competition as well as the annual New Zealand Indians Sports  Association Queen’s weekend Birthday Tournament.

Apart from hockey, the Club also participates in various cricket, golf and netball fixtures. We have a number of events that are held on an annual basis. These are Village Games, Family Fun Day, Kids Day, Prize giving, Sponsors Day, North Harbour Interclub, Lala Naran Trophy game, Fund raiser Dinner and Golf Day.

2018 Committee Members:

Arjay Manga President  
Arjune Dahya Vice President  
Kirit Makan Treasurer  
Divan Parsot Assistant- Treasurer  
Ish Morar Patron  
Vacant Secretary  
Dave Potter  
Pravena Patel  
Himesh Ranchod  
Janardin Bhana  
Nikesh Parsot  
Nimesh Bhula  
Sietal Patel  
Umesh Hari  


To contact us, please email [email protected]

To find out more about the foundation of the Pukekohe Indian Sports Club, check on the “Club History” section of this website.

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